Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Hosea Ministry International

What We Do
Anne has beendoing mission work in the Asia-Pacific Islands since 2001.

Papua New Guinea
Under her leadership there have been established more than fiftyindigenous churches and three schools,Kukas Elementary School, Kukumbe Elementary School and Kaimare Elementary School. In additiona Hosea Bible School has been set up in Enga province.

Anne has foundedtwo Christian Schools in Mamburao and Aroma, both in Occidental Mindoro in thePhilippines, and anotherChristian School on the island of Palawan. Read more...

Through Hosea Ministry International aChristian School has been set up in the city Neiafu, part of the Vava'u island group, in theKingdom of Tonga. They also support a Christian School, a Christian television station and a church in Nukualofa, the capital city of the Tonga. Read more...
Hosea Ministry International is also doing Mission work in Fiji.

The purpose of the Schools is to offer feeding programs and free education to the poor and homeless children of the areas. These projects have been blessed with numerous healing miracles and revivals in many areas, and have already reached over 2000 children. 700 of those children are now born again Christians, attending the follow-up programs of the local Churches connected to the Schools.

Situations that seem impossible are often the perfect opportunity for God to let loose His supernatural power. Miracles do happen and they are meant for you too! Anne's testimony encourages others, she firmly believes in God's saving Grace and she is now reaching into Europe.


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