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Hosea Ministry International

Here are some prices and information about much needed commodities at the Hosea schools in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea. We want to give you some illustrations of what you could achieve by donating for example €20, €50 or €100 to this ministry or even how much it would cost to start and build a whole new school in the Philippines. We think you will be surprised to see how much impact even a small donation can have.

School Uniforms
schoolgroup-slide.jpg In state schools in the Philippines – just as in England - pupils need to wear a school uniform.

We have found out that wearing school uniforms has a tremendous impact on the self-image of our pupils, because it tells them that they are on the same level as all the other school kids in the town.
Another very important reason is that our pupils come from slums and rubbish dumps or they live on the street, and therefore their own clothes are usually in very poor condition, even in rags.

We have purchased school uniforms for all our pupils in Mamburao and Palawan, but in Aroma they are still lacking them.

A school uniform for one child costs about 250 Pesos, which is a bit less than €4. A girlʻ´s uniform consists of a skirt, white blouse and bow tie. Boys wear blue trousers and a shirt. We have now about 60 students in Aroma, so the uniforms for all of them will cost €240.

In addition to the uniforms our pupils need sports kit. These are a little cheaper than uniforms, with a sports outfit for one child costing about €2.7 Euros (160-180 Pesos). All of our Aroma students would be kitted out for sports for a total of €160.
School Books and Library Books
As of December 2009 we have a total of 202 students in Mamburao and Aroma. Every year we have to buy new school books for them. Altogether these cost €1550, or €7.7 per pupil. In addition to these we would like to purchase other books to add to our school libraries, as our children do not have internet available. Prices for these vary considerably.
Teachers' Salaries and Building Rentals
Every month we send money for the salaries of our teachers and for the rent of the school buildings:
  • To Palawan €590
  • To Mamburao and Aroma €678
We will start a new school in San Jose next year. The salary for the teacher will be €30 per month and other costs per pupil will be about €1.5 per month.

Eye Operation
One of our teachers is suffering from deteriorating eyesight as a result of a “film” that is growing to cover both of her eyes. She has been examined by a doctor who says that an operation is needed on both eyes, at a cost of €150, so altogether €300. We hope to arrange for the surgery to be carried out during the school holidays, one eye at a time.

Hosea Fishing Boat

While visiting Mamburao at the end of 2009, Anne found out that our Hosea Boat was still lacking necessary equipment for night fishing plus some other items such as cool storage for fish to maintain the catch in good condition until the boat returns to harbour. The fish shoals swim into the nets at night as they are attracted to strong light beams and that is why good equipment is needed. These altogether cost about €300.

We also want to buy a second fishing boat soon, as large as the previous one, to provide jobs and income to the families of our school children. Such a boat for use on the open sea costs about €2000.

New School at Mangingisda (Palawan, the Philippines)
We will start to construct the school building in Mangingisda as soon as there is enough money for it. The building will cost between €1800 and €4300 depending on the materials and equipment. The more expensive price would involve the use of more cement to make it stronger and there would also be toilets, a well and a water pump.

Papua New Guinea: Generator for Bible School
An urgent need has emerged in Papua New Guinea. Our Hosea Bible School needs a generator to provide electricity, as the school is so far away in the bush that there is no possibility at all for the state electricity supply to reach there. The students would like to study in the evenings but at the moment it is not possible without reasonable lighting, for which an electricity supply is of course needed. A generator costs about €1500-2000.

Hopefully these examples have given you an idea of our work and where and how donations are used to provide an education to these children. Perhaps your heart has been touched as you have read about the children of the Asia Pacific islands on our web pages or in one of Anne's books. Would you like to purchase some books for the library of one of our schools or pay for some school uniforms for our Aroma school children? Every single donation, however small, really does count. As you will have seen from the prices we have shown above, the cost of living in the Philippines (for example) is so much lower than in the western world. Several small donations soon build up into the larger sums needed for example for the fishing boat or the generator.

You can donate by making a bank transfer to one of our accounts as shown here.

A very warm thank you to all of you who have been supporting our ministry in the Philippines by donations and prayers. The value of your gift cannot be measured in monetary terms as you are giving our little school children a new hope and new future. Thank you to all of you who are supporting our ministry on other islands in the Asia-Pacific too. We have now four schools in Papua New Guinea and also a Bible school from which fresh pastors are graduating to work in our new churches in Enga province (13 churches at the last count). Several new schools and churches are under construction and many more are planned. Our ministry is spreading fast as the Lord opens new doors for us.


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