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(added 19/12/2009)

Anne relates the following story from her time in the Philippines in late 2009.

One evening at the church in Mamburao I had finished preaching and was just about to start praying for sick people, when a young man ran up front with his hand on his badly swollen cheek. He had tears in his eyes and he was moaning aloud. Pastor Sonio interpreted for me as the man explained that he was suffering from such chronic toothache that he could not keep quiet, and I could clearly see that he was in horrible agony.

I placed my hand on his cheek and prayed for the tooth and its roots to be healed in Jesus' name, but the poor man just continued moaning. When I asked whether the pain had left, he shook his head. Then I got really angry about his situation and I probably shouted rather too loudly: “Now, you tooth devil, you go in Jesus' name!” The young man stared at me astonished and exclaimed: “It left!” And then he started laughing.

I also saw him later on in my meetings in Mamburao and heard that his tooth had been completely healed. No more pain and no more swelling. It is easy in the West to tell such folk to go to a dentist, but poor people in the Philippines do not have money and there might not even be a dentist in that area. That is why we often see people who have no teeth at all or perhaps just a couple of teeth left in their mouths.

Some years before when I was holding a meeting in Brisbane, another young man had come to ask me for prayer because of horrible toothache. He showed his swollen cheek and explained: “There is bad decay right in the roots, but I am so afraid of dentists that I don't dare to go and see one.” He also told that did not have money for a dentist either. I placed my hand on his cheek and prayed. Immediately I smelled something weird – there was a clear strong smell in the room, just the same as you find in a dentist's surgery. I was so astonished that I asked others if they smelled anything, thinking it might just be my imagination, but no, they confirmed that their noses told them the same! Whatever it was, the fact was that this young man's tooth got healed.


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