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(added 09/01/2009)

A healing miracle that took place when Anne visited England in the summer of 2009. One of the meetings was held in the back garden of John and Maria's house in Sheffield.

Hello Anne,
I would like to send you my praise report of receiving healing in John and Maria's garden. As I lay on the blanket in the garden, after you prayed for me, I felt something like a laser beam go across me, a bit like being scanned at the supermarket, except I did not beep!

You prayed for my digestion to be healed completely and this has happened. It is normal after more than 7 years. I feel so happy for this in my body and I give thanks to God for you coming to England to give us so much encouragement.

I went to a camp this week to share testimonies of healing in a teaching session on the subject. As we ministered to people at the meeting it seemed like everything speeded up and people were just being healed, with ears opening and tinitus healed. One lady came to me and just wanted to know that she was loved by the father as she was so disappointed about not receiving healing after many times of prayer. I broke off that disappointment and prayed the Father's love into her heart and asked for healing to come into her body. I did not know this, but she was numb from her chest down and could only walk with sticks. She said, "Something is different. Something has changed." and feeling came into her hips and thighs. She began to walk, with assistance from us, without her sticks and then alone and was determined that by the end of the week she would be dancing with her heavenly Father.

I left after that day encouraged that God wants to speed things up and wake people up to how good He really is.

Blessings to you, my sister,



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